Tuesday, May 30, 2017

April 2017 in pictures

I love these four.

Jonathan turned five at the beginning of the month. He is a tornado of energy and swings between being active and very much a little boy and super sweet and very much a little boy. We love him both ways (although I'm glad the sweet side shines through often).

He picked strawberry shortcake for his birthday cake.

SOOOOOooooo big!

New experiences at the park.

A bunch of random baby pictures:

They made her a crown. She really is queen bee around here.

We went to the tulip festival this month. It was a little colder than usual and the baby had a hard time, so we didn't stay for too long, but I still got to see all the beautiful flowers and take lots of pictures.

This is Jonathan hiding in this tree.

This is Marion during our in-car picnic at the end of the outing.


This was one Sunday when I was substituting in Jonathan's class. He only has two kids in his class and the other kid was sick, so it was just Jonathan, Marion, and me hanging out. It was a pretty easy gig.

I think this was a picture on our wedding anniversary. Eleven years! A lot has happened in those eleven years. Just look at all those kids!

Jonathan wrote a book about a pet dinosaur. This is only one page. It was hilarious.

Marion has started enjoying books more.

Her hair is also just starting to get long enough to have little tufts stick out every once in a while. I love it.

And with that, I'm all caught up! Until tomorrow, at least.